Goldfish: How Deepti Naval`s personal tryst with Alzheimer`s aided her character

Deepti Naval and Kalki Koechlin, two talented actresses, are set to grace the silver screen in the upcoming film `Goldfish.` The film`s release on August 25 has been eagerly anticipated, and recently, the Goldfish team organized a special screening for the Alzheimer`s & Related Disorders Society of India, showcasing their commitment to raising awareness about the subject.

Both Kalki and Deepti, renowned for their acting prowess, shared their thoughts on their roles and the film`s significance. Deepti, delving into her connection with her character, remarked in an interview with Hindustan times, “The emotions I portray on screen echo the sentiments of the mother-daughter dynamic in both reel and real life.”

She said that she could resonate with the character and the storyline deeply, given her own experience grappling with her mother`s Alzheimer`s. This allowed her to bring the authenticity of lived experience to an already powerful story.

“My personal resonance with the role in Goldfish springs from my own experiences with my mother, who battled Alzheimer`s until her passing. Witnessing her journey along that path was profoundly painful, especially considering her brilliance and command over life. Beyond the portrayal of dementia and elder care, the film encapsulates an intricate narrative of an estranged mother-daughter relationship, evolving from discord to unity amidst adversity.”

Kalki also shared her thoughts on how such mental disorders can pose challenges on not just the patient but also take a toll on their emotional support system, such as their family and loved ones.

“Challenges posed by disorders like Dementia and Alzheimer`s are immense. They engulf a person, erasing their identity. For caregivers, the struggle is twofold, as they navigate two parallel lives. Goldfish encapsulates the poignant dilemma faced by a mother and daughter in such circumstances. The movie crafts a raw and emotionally charged depiction of this delicate scenario. Splendid Films` initiative to host a dedicated screening for ARDSI members is both heartwarming and impactful. Our aspiration is to contribute meaningfully and bring smiles to the faces of all who experience this film.”

Directed by Pushan Kripalani, the film`s premise unfolds with Anamika (Kalki Koechlin), a product of a mixed marriage, returning to her estranged mother Sadhana (Deepti Naval). Sadhana`s battle with dementia serves as the backdrop, bringing Ana back to a neighborhood she barely recollects and to a mother whose memory at times eludes her.

`Goldfish` transcends the conventional cinematic realm, delving into themes of family, reconciliation, and the human experience in the face of adversity. With Deepti and Kalki`s dynamic performances, the film promises to touch hearts and shed light on the challenges posed by debilitating disorders like dementia. It also promises to make deeper inroads into creating awareness around such disorders which are largely shrouded in stigma and taboo.