Google tests Auto Dark Mode for iOS App: What all to expect

Tech giant Google is testing an innovative feature in its Search Labs for the Google app on iOS, reported HT Tech. This feature, termed “Auto Dark Mode,” allows users to maintain a dark theme across all websites they visit, improving user experience by automatically converting websites to a dark mode.

The Google app on iPhone, which operates much like a web browser with its tab system, now includes the “Auto Dark Mode” experiment. When users activate this feature and their device is set to dark mode, websites will conform to the app’s dark theme, providing a uniform browsing experience without abrupt changes between dark and light modes. Users can easily enable this feature by tapping the beaker icon in the upper-left corner of the Google app.

For those who prefer the original theme of certain websites, Auto Dark Mode can be turned off for specific sites by clicking the new sun icon in the address bar. Google acknowledges that the quality of dark mode conversion may vary and notes that this feature does not apply to websites that already have a native dark mode.

At present, Auto Dark Mode is only available on the iOS version of the Google app and has not been released for Android devices. This feature is part of a larger array of experiments within Google Search Labs, which also features innovations such as “Talk to a Live Representative,” “Notes on Search,” and various AI tools for browsing.

These experiments were introduced during the I/O 2024 event, showcasing Google’s commitment to enhancing user interaction and experience through cutting-edge features.

Google’s introduction of Auto Dark Mode in its iOS app is intended to create a more seamless and visually comfortable browsing experience. While this feature is currently in its experimental stage and only available to iOS users, it aligns with Google’s broader strategy of incorporating user-friendly innovations into its search and browsing functionalities. Users who wish to try Auto Dark Mode can enable it via the Search Labs section of the Google app on their iPhones.



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Published: 04 Jun 2024, 07:26 PM IST

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