Image Source : PTI Union Home Minister Amit Shah.

New Delhi: The Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Saturday announced a hike in Risk and Hardship allownce for NDRF personnel at the rate of 40 per cent. Addressing the NDRF flag in ceremony of second Mountaineering Expeditoin ‘Vijay’, Amit Shah said, “I want to give you a good news. For a long time, there was a demand for increasing the Risk and Hardship Allowance for the NDRF personnel. Just yesterday, the Government of India approved it and the Risk and Hardship Allowance will be given to you at the rate of 40 per cent and this is a matter of joy for all these 16,000 NDRF rescue personnel.”

“We have also decided that a team of our CAPF will participate in the international competition in all the national and international outdoor and indoor games. The road map has been prepared and in a short time we will take it forward…,” the Home Minister said. The NDRF stands for National Disaster Relief Force. 

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