"Groped me in dressing room, offered role as Manju Warrier's daughter", Malavika Sreenath opens up! - Malayalam News

Young actress Malavika Sreenath, known for her roles in films like ‘Madhuram’ and ‘Saturday Night’, recently spoke out about casting couch experience in a recent channel interview. Malavika revealed that during an audition for a film where she was being considered for the role of Manju Warrier’s daughter, she was asked to cooperate with a person inappropriately. Malavika bravely shared her experience with the public, shedding light on the issue of casting couch in the film industry.

Recounting the incident, Malavika stated, “Three years ago, I was asked to audition for a movie as Manju Warrier’s daughter. I had no connections in movies back then. I didn’t know whether it was genuine or not, but I agreed to go for the audition. They sent an Innova car to my home. I went with my mother and sister. The audition was somewhere in Thrissur. After half an hour, the person told me to go to the dressing room and fix my hair as it looked messy. While I was inside the room, he groped me and told me to cooperate with him in order to get the role. He said he needed just 10 minutes while my mother and sister were waiting outside. I started crying and tried to knock his camera down. I escaped while his attention was diverted towards the camera.”


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