GURGAON: The city continued to experience heatwave conditions as the maximum temperature on Friday was recorded at 44 degrees Celsius, which was 4.1 notches up from the season’s normal and 1.8 notches down from Thursday’s 45.8 degrees.
The India Meteorological department (IMD) has sounded an alarm predicting a continuation of the searing heat and unusually warm nights over the next four days.
The nighttime temperature in the city on Friday was 31.4 degrees Celsius, a significant 4.7 notches above normal.
“Residents are facing the brunt of a dry and hot westerly wind blowing at 25kmph. Day temperature will be around 46-47 degrees in parts of southern and western Haryana and Punjab during the next three days. This will lead to continuation of prevailing heatwave conditions till June 18. Severe heatwave conditions are likely at isolated places,” an IMD official said.
A heatwave is declared if the maximum temperature reaches 40 degrees Celsius or more in the plains and 30 degrees Celsius or more for hilly regions. The criteria should be met at least two stations in a meteorological subdivision for at least two consecutive days for a heatwave to be declared. A ‘severe heatwave’ is announced if the departure from normal temperature is more than 6.4 degrees, according to the IMD.
The IMD’s forecast indicates that the heatwave is not confined to Gurgaon alone; similar conditions are expected in isolated pockets across Uttarakhand, Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh and Delhi, raising concerns for public health.
Doctors are urging the people to take necessary precautions, such as staying hydrated, avoiding outdoor activities during peak hours, and wearing light, loose-fitting clothing. The health system is on alert for an increase in heat-related illnesses, and citizens are advised to watch out for symptoms of heat exhaustion and heat stroke.
In Delhi, the minimum temperature was recorded at 33.3 degrees on Friday while the maximum temperature was 44 degrees Celsius.