Actors Gurmeet Choudhary and Debina Bonnerjee have gained a new fan base through their YouTube channel, where they share vlogs. While they receive praise from their viewers, they’ve also faced criticism for allegedly favouring one of their daughters over the other. In a recent interview with Siddharth Kannan, Gurmeet broke his silence on the allegations. Also read: Gurmeet Choudhary on his motivation to stay fit: When my daughters bring their boyfriends, they should feel intimidated

Gurmeet Choudhary shares two daughters — Lianna and Divisha — with Debina Bonnerjee.

Gurmeet, known for his work in television, films, and streaming shows, addressed the criticism and admitted that his wife, Debina, feels terrible when people make such accusations. Gurmeet and Debina have two daughters, Lianna and Divisha, both born in the same year.

Gurmeet hits back

Responding to those who accuse them of being partial to Divisha, Gurmeet said, “Debina certainly feels bad about it. How can people ever imagine that a mother would be partial to one of her kids?”

He added, “Only fools could even think this way. Debina feels bad about it, but I tell her that these people are jobless, they don’t think before posting on social media, and what they say shouldn’t affect our lives.”

Gurmeet shared that he has trained himself to ignore negative comments online. He prefers to focus on positive comments and appreciate the support and love he receives from his fans. The reason behind it is: “Why subject yourself to stuff like that at all?”

Embracing parenthood

Becoming a parent has transformed Gurmeet‘s life, and he believes his paternal instincts have come to the forefront since the birth of his daughters. He takes pride in feeling supported and loved by his two girls, who are gradually gaining their own fanbase on social media.

Debina and Gurmeet married on February 15, 2011. They were blessed with their first daughter, Lianna, in April last year and welcomed Divisha in November the same year. The actors keep sharing tidbits from their life on social media.

On the work front, Gurmeet will next be seen in Commander Karan Saxena. Directed by Jatin Wagle, Produced by Keylight Productions, Commander Karan Saxena will stream from July 8 on Disney+ Hotstar.