Haim, the talented trio of sisters, made a dazzling appearance at Taylor Swift`s `Eras` Tour in California, donning the iconic outfits of the step-sisters from Swift`s `Bejeweled` video. The crowd was in for a treat as Haim joined Swift on stage to perform the hit `No Body, No Crime` in their full step-sister attire, the same gowns they wore in the music video.

Excited about their performance, Haim took to Instagram to share their transformation into the step-sisters, captioning the post with a cheerful “hi from the step sisters!” Their social media update delighted fans as footage and photos captured the talented trio showcasing their musical prowess while impeccably dressed for the occasion.

The collaboration between Taylor Swift and Haim didn`t stop there. Previously, at the first `Eras` Tour show in Seattle, they marked the live debut of `No Body, No Crime`, enthralling the audience with their captivating rendition of the `Evermore` murder ballad. As the tour continues, Haim is supporting Swift during the North American stadium leg, elevating the energy of the crowd with their appearance during the `Evermore` segment of the set.

The Santa Clara performances were not short of surprises. Night one saw Aaron Dessner joining Swift on stage, adding to the excitement with a live debut of the `Evermore` bonus track, `Right Where You Left Me`. On the following night, Swift treated fans to a rare live performance of the `Red` track, `Stay Stay Stay`, after a decade, and also unveiled the first-ever live performance of `All Of The Girls You Loved Before`.

As the `Eras` Tour continues to enthral audiences across North America, Taylor Swift has garnered immense praise for her live shows. In fact, the Seattle concerts caused such a surge of excitement among the crowd that it registered seismic activity similar to a 2.3 magnitude earthquake, according to seismologist Jackie Caplan-Auerbach.

Swift`s global journey continues, as she is set to take her highly acclaimed `Eras` Tour to international venues, beginning in Paris on May 9, 2024, and concluding in London on August 17, 2024. Recently, she announced 14 new tour dates in the UK and EU, accompanied by support from Paramore. However, the addition of these live shows might rule out Swift as a potential headliner for Glastonbury 2024.

As the `Eras` Tour continues to captivate fans worldwide, Taylor Swift and Haim`s electric performances ensure that every stop is filled with unforgettable musical moments and surprises.