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Growing old gracefully is an art, and Indian celebrities have perfected it. With their glowing complexions, timeless charm, and vibrant well-being, these stars often epitomize youth and vitality. Examining the aging techniques of Indian celebrities uncovers a fusion of ancient Ayurvedic rituals and cutting-edge contemporary therapies.
Sleep and brain health, learn how are they connected. Recommended sleep durations by age are as follows: ages 1-5 years require 10-14 hours (including naps), ages 6-12 years need 9-12 hours, ages 13-18 years should get 8-10 hours, and adults generally need 7-9 hours per day.
Do you brush twice a day? While brushing twice a day is an important step in dealing with oral odour, constant bad breath might indicate underlying health issues beyond just poor dental hygiene. Here are 5 diseases that can result in bad breath.
Garlic has been a staple in almost all kitchen and medicine cabinets for centuries, known for its distinctive flavour and health benefits. Consuming raw garlic daily can lead to several positive health outcomes. Read why adding just one clove of raw garlic into your daily routine could be a game-changer for your health.
Nocturnal (Night time) asthma is worsening of symptoms of asthma at night with need for extra medications, increased airway responsiveness and worsening lung function. It is quite common and about 75% of asthmatics are woken up by night symptoms at least once a week. Having Poor control of underlying asthma and severe forms of asthma make a person prone for night time symptoms.

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