Heatwave in Delhi: Instagram influencers share how they are dealing with the challenge of overheating phones

Though a brief shower brought some respite to Delhi residents searching for refuge from the scorching heatwave, the city continues to swelter. Among those caught in its harshest grip are those using smartphones outdoors for work — including content creators, professionals and other commoners.

Due to the heatwave, Instagram influencers in NCR say their mobile phones are heating up during outdoor as well as indoor shoots.(Photo: Adobe)

Tech expert and influencer Karan Lohiaa (@karanlohiaa_), who has 1.6M followers on Instagram, says, “In the current weather, smartphones are particularly prone to overheating due to prolonged exposure to high temperatures. Common causes include extensive use of high-performance apps, direct sunlight exposure and charging

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Anil Kumar, who works at a service centre and mobile repair shop in Noida Sector 18’s Atta Market, informs, “There is a definite increase in queries about overheating phones. Earlier, it was a problem in some models of some brands and we would always tell the customer that this problem is to be expected. But now, garmi hi itni hai ki har phone mein yahi dikkat aa rahi hai. Customers come looking for lightweight back covers, jinmein zyada garam na ho, khaskar charging ke time.”

‘Once hot, cooling takes 20-25 mins’

Food influencer Gurpreet Singh Tikku (@mistertikku), also known as Mr Tikku, tells us, “We mostly work outdoors… And phone hi heat up ho jaata hai [while recording]. Shooting outdoors is fraught with challenges as it is, with the sun’s harsh glare not allowing one to see the screen or be sure of the video quality. Even the phone suddenly gets too hot.”

And when this happens, the only solution is to wait it out until the device cools down. “But nowadays, even letting the mobile cool down takes about 20-25 minutes. The only solution that we’re left with is to borrow a phone from one of my team members, to resume shooting,” laments Tikku, who has 206K followers on Instagram, adding, “We now need hardware that can handle Dilli ki bhayankar garmi!”

Gurugram-based mom influencer Deeksha Mishra (@deekshamishra official) concurs: “I wonder if the new phones aren’t equipped for it — or if it’s just an issue with the model of the phone that I’m using. But my peers say that even their tried and tested brands are not coming through at this time.” Mishra adds that problems persist despite the fact that most of her shoots are done using DSLRs. “The organic content is shot only on the phone! And it gets so hot not only during filming but also while charging. That’s when it worries me, because I’ve never faced this issue before,” says Mishra, who has 428K followers on Instagram.

No respite even indoors

Some others, like gamers who don’t have to shoot outdoors or battle the heatwave, also confess facing difficulties in sticking to compact, indoor, air-conditioned spaces to maintain a temperature that’s cool enough for their phones to function on high-performance modes. “During live streaming or while competing in online and at LAN tournaments, I use a small table fan to manage the heat generated from continuous use on my handheld device,” informs Raj Varma (@snaxgaming), who has 1.1 followers.

Here’s what to do:

  • Keep your phone away from direct sunlight since it affects battery life and performance. If outdoors, keep it in a shaded area whenever possible.
  • Avoid heavy/insulated covers, since they can hinder heat dissipation during prolonged use.
  • Activate power-saving mode that disables background apps.
  • Lower the screen brightness to help reduce heat generation.
  • Clear cache and delete apps that are not used regularly, to keep performance optimal.
  • Turn off your GPS, Bluetooth, and WiFi when not in use. Even better to turn on the airplane mode if you’re not using the phone to make calls.
  • Use original chargers that are compatible with your phone as other chargers can lead to battery deterioration.
  • Allow your phone to cool naturally (don’t put it in the fridge or submerge it in water). Sudden temperature change may cause the screen to crack or damage hardware.


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