In the last four years, workplaces have evolved at a pace difficult to keep track of. After the COVID-19 pandemic, work culture worldwide has undergone drastic change, giving birth to newer practices and workplace trends. Mass layoffs, hybrid working models, pay cuts, quiet quitting, emphasis on wellness – modern workplaces have seen it all. 

As the work landscape continues to reshape in a post-pandemic world, with significant contributions from technology, social media and changing workforce mindset), it is important for professionals to be informed of trends that define their work environment. 

From ‘office peacocking’ to ‘career cushioning’, here are six workplace buzzwords you need to know in 2024.

1. Office Peacocking

This practice is gaining popularity as organisations still struggle to convince employees to return to a work-from-office setup. ‘Office peacocking’ refers to decking up the office with new furniture, fancy interiors, upgraded kitchen, indoor sports and other amenities in a hope of bringing employees back to office. The aim is to make the office an attractive destination for employees prompting them to spend more time there.

2. Dry Promotion

This is one of the most trending practices of the corporate world in recent times. A ‘dry promotion’ refers to an increase in responsibilities accompanied by a new job title, but no salary hike. While it is a promotion on paper, the compensation remains stagnant. This trend is a reflection of cost-cutting measures being undertaken by many companies and is a growing concern among employees.

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3. Resenteeism

The term ‘resenteeism‘ refers to employees feeling unhappy or dissatisfied in their work environment, leading to lower engagement and productivity. They resent the job and do the bare minimum, but don’t quit for varying reasons, including lack of options.

4. Coffee Badging

Coffee badging is a trend that has emerged in response to work-from-office mandates. It refers to employees coming to the office, grabbing a coffee and interacting with colleagues just long enough to establish their presence, and then leaving to work remotely. This is especially seen in hybrid offices.

5. Quiet Hiring

While this term gained prominence last year, it is a major workplace trend in 2024 too. ‘Quiet hiring’ refers to filling the talent gap from within the organisation instead of hiring someone new. It leads to increased opportunities for learning and professional development. Organisations are employing this strategy to retain talent and maintain a steady headcount.

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6. Career Cushioning

‘Career Cushioning’ is the practice of employees keeping tabs on other career opportunities while still working in their current role. This is done to mitigate damage due to potential job loss. It could entail networking for job opportunities, upskilling, keeping resumes and other professional records updated, etc.