CHENNAI: Information technology firm Hexaware Technologies expanded its operations in Coimbatore with the launch of a new office.
While the company already operates a BPO division in Coimbatore, the new office will focus on data and testing skills in data modernization, automation, cloud, software development, data compliance and security, artificial intelligence and business analytics, according to a release.
“The decision to establish a presence in Coimbatore stems from its strategic and operational advantages. The city has a robust talent pool and a ready availability of skilled professionals, making it an ideal location for expansion. Also, Coimbatore’s status as an educational hub ensures a continuous influx of talented graduates,” the company said.
Vinod Chandran, chief operating officer, said the expansion would help the company enhance operational capabilities and access the talented workforce in emerging cities.
Vikash Jain, CFO of Hexaware, said the Coimbatore facility is an important step to harness the diverse talent available in the region.
Hexaware plans to prioritize diversity in its hiring process in Coimbatore.