The Lebanese militant group Hezbollah fired one of its heaviest rocket barrages yet into Israel Wednesday, targeting military bases and an arms factory, in response to an overnight strike that killed one of its senior commanders.
The commander, Taleb Abdallah, was among the highest-ranking Hezbollah members to have been killed since the Oct 7 Hamas-led attack on Israel set off war in Gaza.The Israeli offensive prompted Hezbollah to mount cross-border attacks in support of Hamas. The Israeli military said in a statement on Wednesday that it had struck a Hezbollah command and control centre, killing Abdallah and three other Hezbollah fighters.
As sirens sounded across north Israel, Israeli army radio said around 150 rockets had been launched from Lebanon in an apparent response to the Israeli strike. Hezbollah claimed attacks on a string of military bases, including on Mount Meron, an area housing a radar station that is roughly 8km south of the border. Hezbollah vowed to intensify its attacks.
There were no immediate reports of casualties from the rocket barrages. Israeli military said a number of the rockets had been intercepted, but that several had hit the ground and started fires.

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