Entrepreneur Albert Domatov is an expert in getting new businesses off the ground by leveraging business credit. His discovery of 0% funding from banks changed his life and made him a leading figure in entrepreneurship. Domatov has always been a creative thinker and his strategic maneuvering has given him the opportunity to start three six-figure businesses. Through learning from his mentors and leveraging 0% funding, Domatov has carved out a place for himself in the business world.

Domatov’s journey toward success began in high school. He initially dropped out to become a music producer, hoping to start his own business. The cost of starting a business proved to be a major obstacle, and Domatov found himself looking for the best way to secure funding. 

Luckily, his mentors introduced him to 0% funding from banks. He quickly established that this was the best way to raise capital and wanted to help others do the same. “Leverage credit and use the banks instead of having the banks use you,” Domatov asserts. “Why would you limit the growth of your business and tap into hard-earned personal savings when you can borrow the bank’s money for free to scale much faster and maximize profit.”

There are several advantages to securing 0% funding from banks, according to Domatov. Optimizing your personal credit to open a business account is often the first step toward building a reputable credit score. Business credit cards may have higher limits than personal ones, allowing you to spend what you need to spend to get your business off the ground. 

As the business grows, you may be able to use your business credit card to scale the business and become profitable quickly. After getting approved, you could even invest those funds and see large returns to invest back into your business. “There is a massive opportunity cost by using personal savings to start a business, instead, use 0% interest business credit to start and scale your business,” advises Domatov.

Business credit is also not included in your personal credit report. This creates a built-in safety net by using a business account instead of your personal savings. Leaving a balance on a 0% interest business credit card will not affect your personal credit score at all. Business owners can sometimes also borrow money at 0% interest for up to five years, giving them the opportunity to invest and see major returns without having to pay interest. There is even the possibility of being approved for more than seven cards in one day, giving you plenty of funding to pull into your business and put into someone else’s. 

For Domatov, these strategies meant the difference between failure and success. Over the past twelve months, he has been approved for $250,000 in credit, mostly at 0% interest, while maintaining a credit score of over 800. He used this influx of capital to start his new business, A1 Financing. The program is designed to help new entrepreneurs use Domatov’s techniques to launch their businesses. A1 Financing offers access to over 50 training videos and four months of weekly intensive coaching sessions. The program is allowing budding entrepreneurs access to Domatov’s secrets to success.