The long wait has ended with the monsoon swooping in, like a knight in shining armour, rescuing us from the throes of summer heat. The blanket of clouds in the sky offers much-needed respite, coaxing the little kid in us to dance in the rain and make paper boats for puddles. Everything feels dreamlike during this time. The pitter-patter of rain is our favourite ASMR, calling for tea, hot fritters, and deep conversations on the balcony. But hold on, why isn’t your skin on cloud nine even as you bask under all the clouds?

Don’t let the unwanted humidity hold you back from the monsoon fun. (Pexels )

Oh, it’s the dampness and stickiness that humidity brings in. The chip-chip can be frustrating. With rain, humidity increases, preventing sweat from evaporating and making your clothes feel heavier too. Humidity is a nightmare, clogging pores and causing more breakouts. Don’t compromise with the gloom of the monsoon; tiptoe around the humidity nightmare and live this monsoon irritation-free.

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Wear lighter clothes

The moisture in the air makes your clothes heavier as it seeps into the fabric. It clings onto you, making you feel even more sweaty. Your skin also produces more oil during this time, which makes the clothes feel stickier than usual. Ditch denim and tight-fitting clothes. Choose breathable materials like cotton and linen. Wear loose-fit clothes that don’t restrict movement and feel airy. It’s also recommended to create a barrier between your skin and the outfit fabric with a cotton camisole; that way, it won’t stick to your skin as much.

Extra care for your skin

Skin’s sebaceous glands produce more oil in the high humidity of monsoon. Skip any comedogenic products—ingredients that may clog your pores. If you are acne-prone, wash your face more often with a sensitive, skin-friendly cleanser. Follow your skincare routine religiously to prevent breakouts. It is ideal to incorporate a lightweight, non-comedogenic moisturiser that absorbs quickly. Exfoliate frequently to remove dead skin cells and open clogged pores. Avoid skipping showers or baths, as staying clean is a must during monsoon season to remove dirt buildup and stickiness from sweat. You can also freshen yourself up midday with a quick face mask.

Stay hygienic

No cheat day this monsoon, take extra care of your laundry to ensure you have fresh clothes to wear daily. Re-wearing clothes can cause skin irritation and become a breeding ground for bacteria. This practice helps maintain hygiene and you feel fresh. Fresh clothes also make your skin less clammy.

Wash your hair

Don’t allow grease to build up in your hair. Like a magnet, it draws dust and dirt, making your scalp feel itchy and heavy. This grease, along with the collected dust, accumulates around your hairline and even on your face, increasing the chances of breakouts, and you feel the disgusting chip-chip on your face. A bad hair day is a bad day. So, washing your hair becomes a necessity, especially in the monsoon’s stubborn humidity. Use shampoo to clean your scalp for an energised day ahead. A clean scalp instantly uplifts your mood and sets you all ready. Remember to oil your hair as well to prevent dryness.

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Hydrate yourself

It goes without saying that you should hydrate yourself all year round. However, water intake often gets sidelined during the monsoon. It’s human psychology to dismiss your body’s need for fluids when see water everywhere. But it becomes crucial to hydrate yourself, especially during monsoon. Water flushes out toxins and is your gut’s best friend. Staying hydrated cools you down from inside, countering the uncomfortable heat of monsoon humidity.

Let monsoon be your musing, not misery. Revel in the beauty of rain and don’t let it rain on your parade.

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