How To Flush Muscle Relaxers Out Of Your System


Although actually flushing the toxins/metabolites out is difficult, there are a couple of ways you can successfully and discreetly mask the fact they are in your body instead.

So there are few strategies you can use, and I’m going to outline them all for you here.

Plus, I’ll answer two key questions for you:

  • How long does muscle relaxers stay in your system?
  • Do muscle relaxers show up on a 12 panel test?

The strategies I’m going to talk you through our easy to do, and use the following highly effective professional products, in case you want to check them out right now:

What Sort Of Muscle Relaxers Could Be Looked For On A Urine Test?

There are a ton of specific muscle relaxing medications out there, and some which are prescribed as muscle relaxants, but which actually aren’t.

For example, benzodiazepines, nonbenzodiazepines and opiates can be prescribed as muscle relaxers, although this is rare.

In the main, muscle relaxers refer to a group of medications that include Valium, Baclofen, Tizanidine, Flexeril, and Metaxalone (although there are many others).

So you are talking about three main groups of medications that are together called “muscle relaxers”, and obviously the situation around detection in urinetests will vary.

Do Muscle Relaxers Show Up On A 12 Panel Test?

The good news is that muscle relaxers generally are not looked for on any standard urine test, including the 12 panel.

However, there are a couple of caveats to that:

  1. Because they can make you drowsy, a job where driving or operating machinery is involved, could prompt an employer to swap out a standard panel for something that looked for certain types of muscle relaxant medication instead.
  2. Doctors can order a urine test that specifically looks for anything they are suspicious about, or don’t want in the body.

On top of that, you got the problem that some medications could show up on urine tests is opiates or benzodiazepines.

Plus, although a minor worry, some muscle relaxant medications can trigger false positives for other substances.

How Long Does Muscle Relaxers Stay In Your System?

This is a huge topic we can’t really cover here. However, a lot of these muscle relaxant medications do have a significant half-light.

For example, Flexeril has half life of up to 37 hours. However, that’s if you’re taking a dose of 10 mg, and most people are prescribed 5 mg. For a single dose, it means it would take three days for you to be clean.

But the other problem with muscle relaxants is that the doses build up. They on day, it builds up in plasma to a maximum of around four times your standard dose in 3 – 4 days.

At that level of dosing, it could take you up to 2 weeks to flush muscle relaxers out of your system.

How To Flush Muscle Relaxers Out Of Your System

So although it’s not common for muscle relaxant medications to appear on urine tests, it is possible.

Plus, and you’ll obviously know this, if it’s an opiate, a benzodiazepine, or a nonbenzodiazepine then it could well show up on a standard urine test, even the most basic five panel piss test.

When it comes to urine testing, you’ve got three possibilities to get around the problem:

  1. You can get genuinely clean to pass the test. But depending on the dose, this could take a couple of weeks. You can accelerate this with high-quality detox pills though.
  2. You could, if it’s an unsupervised urine test, simply submit a sample of high-quality urine. Therefore, you are masking the fact you have the toxins in your body by submitting a fake sample.
  3. You could mask the toxins on the day of the test. This would require a high-quality detox drink to flush out your system. However, if you’ve been taking regular daily doses, the time clean is not going to be particularly long.

1. Mask The Toxins With A High-Quality Detox Drink

Let’s say you’re facing a urine test at short notice, and you don’t have time to flush anything out of your system, let alone built up muscle relaxant medication.

A great strategy is to use Rescue Cleanse detox drink. It’s affordable at $50, and is available to buy direct from Clear Choice.

You simply drink the contents of the bottle over about 10 minutes. Then over the next hour, you urinate frequently and sip a little additional water.

The smart liquid in the detox drink flushes your body out faster than can be achieved naturally. In doing so, it therefore creates a gap in the flow of toxins in the body of several hours, before your body catches up and processes more through your kidneys and into your bladder.

On top of that, Rescue Cleanse has the ability to pump your body full of things found in urine. They are passed through as waste in the correct balance, and so your urine will test is completely normal and natural.

On the downside, if you have been heavily using this every day, then the gap in the toxin flow won’t be that long. Two or three hours perhaps. But even then, with good planning, it should be enough time to get to the location submit your sample successfully.

2. Submit A Fake Sample Of Good Quality Synthetic Urine

Most urine tests are unsupervised. That means nobody will be watching you when you urinate into the specimen cup.

Instead, you go behind a screen, or even into a completely separate room to submit your sample. Then you’ll come out, hand it over, and within two minutes the temperature has to be checked and recorded.

After that, it goes through some basic validity checks, to check if it’s been adulterated, and that it doesn’t contain nitrates, and it contains some basics found in human urine. Also, usually, the specific gravity and pH are recorded as well.

If it passes that, which isn’t actually that much, then it will go to the urinalysis, which will obviously pass.

The most advanced synthetic urine on the market is called Quick Luck. Head and shoulders better than any of the other products out there, it’s the only choice if you are serious about passing a urine test with muscle relaxers in your system.

These are the characteristics of Quick Luck:

  • Contains 14 chemicals found in human urine
  • Has the right amounts of creatinine, urea, uric acid
  • Within the correct pH and specific gravity ranges
  • Looks, froths, and smells like urine
  • Doesn’t rely on a heatpad to maintain the temperature

Overall then, Quick Luck is going to get your sample through the validity checks with no sweat at all. It contains the basics needed, and will obviously pass the urinalysis.

Better than that, because it looks, froths, and even smells like urine, even an experienced lab technician is going to be fooled.

It also has the insurance policy of not relying on a heatpad to keep it within the correct temperature range until you submit it. That’s how most fake samples are detected.

The heat activator powder is pure genius, and easily keeps it within the narrow temperature range between 90°F and 100°F at which your sample needs to be submitted within.

Simply tap in about one quarter, shake it until it dissolves (it’s undetectable) and watch the temperature strip carefully. Tap in a little more to repeat the process until you get a good reading.

Quick Luck is a highly specialist product that’s only available to buy direct from Clear Choice.

3. Get Genuinely Clean Fast Using An Accelerated Natural Detox + Detox Pills

The best way to pass a urine test is to be 100&#37 confident that you have no drug toxins in your body that could be detected.

But as you’ve seen, with muscle relaxers in your system, it could take a considerable amount of time, and you’ll rarely have that notice before a test.

But if you’ve got Toxin Rid detox pills in your home ready, then alongside a natural detoxification, they can speed up the removal of  toxins from your body by 50&#37 or more.

So even with daily use of muscle relaxant, you could be clean in less than a week to pass a pee test.

On the day of your test, you won’t be able to test if you are clean because you can’t get home urine test kits that cover this type of medication.

But as an insurance policy, just use a bottle of Rescue Cleanse to sweep up any stray toxins that could be remaining. Because there are so few, it will be several hours before any could possibly appear, meaning you’ve got plenty of time to submit your sample within.

Toxin Rid detox pills are exclusively made and sold by Test Clear, in course lengths from a single day through to 10 days in length.


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