How to use public Wi-Fi safely: 5 things to know before you connect

If given the choice between connecting to a public wireless or using my phone’s hotspot, I’ll go with the phone every time. Why? Because I know I can trust my carrier network far more than I can trust a random, public wireless option. 

You have to understand that even when you take all necessary precautions with a public wireless network, you can never know for sure if it’s safe. Although using my phone’s hotspot does use up plan data, it’s worth the security it offers when I know I need to transmit secure information. 

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If you have to type a password for an account, if you need to log into your bank, if you have to type in a credit card number… use your phone or your phone’s hotspot. Make that a hard and fast rule for yourself. 

Besides, with 5G wireless, often your phone’s connection speed is going to be far better than most public wireless networks. 

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Finally, ask yourself this: Do I really need to connect to a wireless network? Maybe while you’re sipping a coffee or waiting for a plane to board, you could read a book or chat with a friend. Anything that might keep you from connecting to a public wireless network should be considered an option.

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