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Discussions are underway over the formation of the Narendra Modi government which will be sworn in at Rashtrapati Bhavan on Sunday at 7.15 pm. BJP President J P Nadda and Home Minister Amit Shah met Prime Minister Modi on Saturday and briefed him about the talks with all NDA allies and BJP state leaders regarding portfolios. Modi will be sworn in for the third time as Prime Minister on June 9 along with his council of ministers. All those in the opposition who had predicted that Modi would cease to be Prime Minister after June 4 results, are now disappointed, and crestfallen. 

Those who had predicted that Modi would have to lead a coalition with demanding allies are now silent. Those who had predicted that the NDA would become Naidu Dependent Alliance or Nitish Dependent Alliance, have now got their answers from Chandrababu Naidu himself. Modi told NDA MPs that the government that is going to be formed will be the strongest coalition government in recent history.  One must note that in 2004, when Congress formed the UPA government, it had 145 MPs, and in 2009, when it formed the second UPA governemnt, the Congress had 206 MPs. The NDA coalition government that will be formed on Sunday will have the single largest party BJP having 240 MPs. In his speech, Modi clarified that he would not come under pressures from middlemen or rumours of speculations, nor would the style of functioning of his government would change. 

With Modi becoming PM, several issues will now come to an end. Rahul Gandhi and other opposition leaders had raised these issues during the election campaign.  One, there were never any threat to Indian democracy, nor is there a threat now nor will there be a threat in the near future. Two, EVMs were never tampered with, nor can they be tampered. Three, Election Commission can neither make any party win nor make any party lose. It can only conduct elections. Fourth, after a gap of 10 years, Lok Sabha will have a Leader of Opposition because Congress has more than the required number of seats to claim that status. The message on these issues has now gone to the entire world, which has witnessed the strength and resilience of Indian democracy. We  should be grateful to the voters of India for this. Had BJP crossed 300 seats this time, all doubts and questions would have remained. All such doubts have been buried for ever now. This is the greatest victory of Indian democracy.

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