In the midst of Delhi’s scorching summer, Mannara Chopra, the Bigg Boss sensation, takes the spotlight exclusively for HT City as she embarks on a journey through the heart of the capital, rediscovering its iconic landmarks and flavours that hold a special place in her heart.

Mannara Chopra in Delhi

Born and raised in Delhi, Mannara feels a special connection with the city. “Delhi is my hometown, so whenever I am able to, I come by. But, it has been a long time since I last came here,” she shares, reminiscing about her Delhi roots. “Delhi feels like home, and as we say, ‘There’s no place like home’. Mai kahin bhi chali jaau, Delhi humesha mere liye ghar rahega.”

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Down memory lane

Strolling around the historic monuments of Qutub Minar and India Gate, Mannara’s trip down memory lane takes her back to her school days. “I remember going around its pillars, I have videos of playing with my friends,” she recalls, a nostalgic smile playing on her lips. “Moreover, after India Gate’s renovation, it was great to go to that same monument with a new structure. It was really amazing to look at.”

Mannara Chopra in Delhi
Mannara Chopra in Delhi

Delhi’s heat, incomparable!

But the Delhi heat, she admits, is difficult. “I could barely bear the heat so I was hydrating myself a lot,” she says, fanning herself. Her choice of attire, a light-coloured cotton kurti, proves to be a saviour in the scorching sun. “Being a Delhiite, I knew it was going to be really hot, so to keep up with the heat, I opted for a light-coloured cotton kurti. It was the best choice to save me.”

Quenching her thirst with coconut water and neembu paani, Mannara expresses admiration for the resilience of Delhi’s street vendors. “Getting out in the sun here is very different from Mumbai. Hats off to vendors who work in this heat.”

Momos, kulfi, and whatnot!

While talking about her favourite spots in the city, Mannara’s eyes light up with excitement. “I love Pandara road, I love going there, maybe just to grab kulfi or gulab jamun late at night,” she shares adding, “Delhi serves one of the best varieties of momos, and the kind of mixes that they have come up with, no one can! I have actually done momos hopping here once with my sister Mithali. It was so fun. Anywhere you go around South Delhi, momos are always amazing.”

Delhi is home…!

For Dilli ki Kudi Mannara, Delhi holds a charm that transcends any other place. “Mumbai is amazing when it comes to freedom and liberty. But, Delhi has got a lot of emotions,” she muses. “Mumbai keeps you on your toes, Delhi says ‘Take it easy’! The food and conversations here are amazing. Bombay is sober and you have to be a little proper, while here you can laugh out loud without thinking about any judgement.” Mannara says Delhi will always be more than just a place; it’s a feeling of home, of belonging, and of cherished moments that she carries with her wherever she goes.

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