Huma Qureshi Birthday 2023: 5 of her top-rated films in her career so far

Actress Huma Qureshi entered Bollywood 11 years ago, making her debut with Gangs of Wasseypur. She started her career in the entertainment world as a theatre actress and a model. She gained attention and critical acclaim for her performances on the stage, which eventually led her to make her big-screen debut. Here are five of her top-rated films on IMDb. 

‘Gangs of Wasseypur’: 8.2 stars 
‘Gangs of Wasseypur’ is a crime drama film released in 2012, directed by Anurag Kashyap. The story is primarily centred around a cycle of revenge and power struggles between three generations of two rival families, the Khans and the Qureshis. Huma plays the character of Mohsina, who is the love interest of one of the protagonists. She is a confident and modern woman who risks it all for love, despite being from a different community. Mohsina`s character brings a sense of romance and emotional depth to the intense and gritty narrative of the film.
‘Monica O My Darling’: 7.4 stars
‘Monica O My Darling’ is a story about a young man who is determined to achieve success with the help of unexpected allies and a wickedly cunning scheme to execute a flawless murder. In the movie, Huma portrays the main character, Monica, and has affairs with men to subsequently blackmail them. She embodies a self-assured temptress, skillfully utilizing her relationships to accomplish her goals. This bold role in the comedy murder mystery film proved Huma’s acting prowess. 

‘Badlapur’: 7.4 stars
‘Badlapur’ is the story of Raghu, who experiences a devastating loss when his wife and son are killed during a car theft by two bank robbers attempting to escape. Fuelled by grief, Raghu resolves to seek vengeance against the culprits for the death of his family. Huma plays the role of Jhimli, a compassionate prostitute. Her character received appreciation from both critics and audiences, adding depth and nuance and contributing to the overall intensity of the film.

‘Dedh Ishqiya’: 7 stars 
This film is about Khalujan and Babban who are seeking asylum from the authorities and find shelter in the Majidabad Palace. While Khalujan uses his poetic skills to charm a wealthy widow, Babban, along with the widow`s assistant, hatches a plot for abduction. Huma’s portrayal of the character Muniya was praised for her chemistry with the other lead characters and her ability to bring charm and complexity to the role.

‘Ek Thi Daayan’: 5.7 stars 
‘Ek Thi Daayan’ is about a talented magician Bobo who experiences disturbing hallucinations and decides to seek professional assistance, only to discover that he is tormented by a malevolent entity. Huma plays the character of Tamara, Bobo`s love interest and a confident and modern woman. She becomes a crucial part of the story as Bobo`s life takes unexpected turns with the unfolding events.