NEW DELHI: Virat Kohli‘s recent run of single-digit scores in the ongoing T20 World Cup doesn’t worry India’s batting coach Vikram Rathour. The coach emphasized that Kohli has been performing exceptionally well in practice sessions and is more motivated than ever as the Super Eight approaches.
Despite being the highest run-scorer in the IPL, Kohli has managed to score only 1, 4, and 0 in his recent matches against Ireland, Pakistan, and USA, respectively.
When asked about Kohli’s form in the post-match media conference after the game against Canada was washed out in Florida, Rathour had his response ready.
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“I love it when every time I come there is a question about Virat Kohli, whether he is doing well or not. No concern at all, no concern at all,” Rathour said.
“He (Kohli) has been batting superbly from the tournament that he came from (IPL). Couple of dismissals here, doesn’t change anything, he is batting really well.”
Rathour expressed confidence that India’s top batter will deliver when it matters the most.
“Actually, it’s good that he is a little hungrier, he is really keen to do well and really switched on. It’s a good space to be as a batsman, I think.
“Looking forward to some good games and we’ve watched some good innings from him.”
The batting coach sidestepped questions about the team’s strategy of playing four all-rounders, including Shivam Dube and Axar Patel, suggesting flexibility based on conditions.
“Again, we need to be a flexible team. We need to look at the conditions that are in front of us and be ready to deal with those. So as a team, we are going to be really flexible, I think.
“We’ll react to what (conditions) we get on the day. We have enough sources in our team to deal with any kind of conditions,” Rathour explained.
He acknowledged that some game time in Florida ahead of the Super Eights would have been beneficial.
“But if the game had happened that would have really helped us. We were really looking forward to playing a game, to play a good game of cricket. There’s always a concern when you play a game in conditions like this that some injury can happen.
“You’re already in Super 8 and that’s the last thing (injury) you want to happen before you enter the serious part of the tournament.”
Rathour noted that the tight schedule of the Super Eight, with little time between games, is not ideal but manageable.
“Again, not ideal. It would have been great if we could have gotten a game today. But now this is what it is. So, we look forward to having a couple of good practice days in Barbados and getting into the game. So again, now the matches will happen simultaneously after one day.
“So, as a team I think we are ready. We are used to this kind of schedule. We have done it in the past and I am sure we will do it really well this time as well.”
He also commented on the issue of the ground in Florida not being fully covered, raising concerns to the ICC.
“This question should be asked to the ICC people. I won’t be able to answer that. I don’t know the reason why it was not covered and why it didn’t have enough covers to cover the whole ground.
“If they would have covered it, definitely that would have helped. But now it’s not there and this is what we’ve got.”
Regarding the challenging New York drop-in strip, Rathour downplayed its impact on the team’s performance.
“It’s good. You should be able to play on all types of wickets. We have the skills to play in all types of conditions and do well. So, we have got the difficult wickets.
Hopefully, we will get good wickets in the tournament.
“And if we get turning wickets, we have 4 spin options, we have enough fast bowlers as well. So, whichever conditions come, I think we are really equipped to deal with that,” he added.

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