I never thought 'Uyare' would be so well accepted: Parvathy Thiruvothu

Parvathy Thiruvothu who plays Anju in ‘Ullozhukku’ directed by Christo Tomy revealed how grateful she was to be a part of ‘Uyare’, the hit film that released in 2018. She was also full praise for the Malayali audience who accepted the film, even when people were riding the cancel culture train due to her comments against the misogyny in megastar Mammootty’s film ‘Kasaba’.
“Uyare was very important to me. I have to say thanks to PVG (P V Gangadharan) who is no more for this. His daughters started S-Cube Films and they chose me for this film. It came at a time when the whole canceling thing was going on, and I got a character who is also surviving some kind of attack. I found an immense amount of strength from it,” Parvathy told Onmanorama.

She also said for the longest time, she never thought people would accept the movie featuring her and Asif Ali in pivotal roles. “I never thought the film would be so well accepted because, for the longest time, I’ve felt like people didn’t want to come and watch a movie with me in it. When Uyare was accepted and celebrated, I realized that’s what the audience is like here. They may have a disconnect with me, but if the film is good, they will respect where respect is due and engage where engagement is due. I really like our audience a lot. Malayali audience especially have always shown us that they can disagree with you but still engage with you,” she said.

The actor also opened up about her role in ‘Ullozhukku’ and said she was initially hesitant to play the character. “The first time I read the script, I said no because I felt the story was very real. I felt I could not do justice to my character. A few years ago, he connected again and again. Finally, I got to reading the final version of the script, but I could not finish it. This is not because the script was bad but because after the first half, the story felt so heavy. I then made him narrate the rest of the story so that I did not have to internalise it that much,” she said.