I prefer being called 'Mammukka', not megastar: Mammootty

Mammootty, widely recognized as the ‘Megastar’ of Indian cinema, recently opened up about the origins of his famous title. Despite its grandeur, he prefers to be called ‘Mammukka’.
During a recent interview with Khalid Al Ameri on his YouTube channel, Mammootty reflected on his initial encounter with the ‘Megastar’ title. This moment occurred at a press meet in Dubai in 1987, where the local media honoured him with the designation.
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He pointed out that this title originated in Dubai, not India.
Mammootty expressed gratitude for the recognition but clarified that he does not actively embrace the ‘Megastar’ label. Instead, he favours the more affectionate nickname ‘Mammukka’, cherished by his fans.
Professionally, Mammootty’s latest film, the action thriller ‘Turbo,’ has been well-received, earning praise and achieving box-office success.