NEW DELHI: An Indian Air Force (IAF) special aircraft, carrying the mortal remains of 45 Indian victims who lost their lives in the tragic fire incident in Kuwait, has departed for Kochi.
Accompanying the remains is Minister of State Kirti Vardhan Singh, who worked closely with Kuwaiti authorities to ensure the swift repatriation process. “MoS Kirti Vardhan Singh, who coordinated with Kuwaiti authorities to ensure swift repatriation, is onboard the aircraft,” confirmed India in Kuwait.
Among the victims were three men from Uttar Pradesh, identified as Praveen Madhav Singh from Varanasi, and Jairam Gupta and Angad Gupta from Gorakhpur district.
The sole victim from West Bengal was Dwarikesh Pattanayak, a 52-year-old native of Medinipur. Dwarikesh had postponed his scheduled visit home in April to celebrate his daughter’s birthday during Durga Puja.
His wife Antara and daughter are in shock after receiving the news from his firm on Thursday. Dwarikesh had been working in Kuwait for two decades.
Minister of State Kirti Vardhan Singh arrived in Kuwait on Thursday to oversee assistance for the injured Indians and to expedite the process of sending the bodies back to India. The mortal remains of the victims from Kerala are expected to arrive at Kochi airport on Friday morning, where Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and cabinet members will be present to receive the coffins.

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