So, what’s the 333 method? I’ll explain:

It’s a packing method that entails packing three tops, three bottoms, and three pairs of shoes that coordinate with each other so you can make at least nine outfits without packing half your closet. (If you factor in shoes, you can make up to 27 outfits!)

Lots of incredibly stylish people on TikTok swear by it (and I like Ayesha’s TikToks about it in particular!) and have explainers with refreshing outfit combos that show you don’t have to wear a bunch of neutrals to make this work. In fact, many TikTokers who break it down throw in a couple bonus plain tees and tanks for summer to make it a lot easier. It’s simple, honestly! But if you’re stuck at where to start, I gathered some great contenders to help round out your wardrobe. 

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