NEW DELHI: The United States national cricket team has already made a significant impact in the game’s hierarchy by defeating Pakistan last week at the 2024 T20 World Cup, a remarkable feat considering the sport’s relative obscurity in America compared to the fervor it generates in countries like England, where it originated.
Cricket, with its unique terminology and gameplay, bears a passing resemblance to baseball, but the differences are stark, from the purposeful bouncing of the ball by the pitcher to the scoring of runs.
T20 World Cup Schedule | Points Table
This year, the United States is witnessing the sport up close as the T20 World Cup unfolds across various venues in New York, Texas, Florida, and the Caribbean. The U.S. team, with a history dating back to at least 1844, is set to face India on Wednesday in Long Island, a match that will likely draw a passionate crowd from the South Asian diaspora.

Despite the expected support for India, the American team, comprising players with roots in cricket hotbeds such as India, Pakistan, South Africa, and the Caribbean, remains undaunted. Aaron Jones, the team’s top batter, expressed excitement at the prospect of playing against the best in the world, including Indian stars Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma.
“I think the crowd will be supporting both teams, to be honest,” Jones said Tuesday. “We have a lot of Indian players on our team as well. So, I think the crowd will be supporting both teams.”

The United States’ victory against Pakistan was unexpected, but it has positioned them well in the tournament. A win against India would further solidify their standing, but even a loss would not eliminate them from contention. The team’s focus remains on the match at hand, with the goal of advancing to the Super 8 stage of the competition.
“With cricket being one of the biggest sports in the world, it’s only a matter of time before the majority of people come on board as it relates to American born and raised people,” Jones said. “I think America is a place where people love sports and obviously this World Cup is going to open the eyes of a lot of people, and then in a few years obviously with cricket being in the Olympics, that’s a very big thing as well.”
As cricket gains momentum in the United States, with its inclusion in the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics and the establishment of the Major League Cricket professional circuit, the sport is poised for a resurgence in the country.
The T20 World Cup serves as a platform to showcase the talent and potential of the U.S. team, and their success could be instrumental in garnering support and enthusiasm for cricket among American-born and raised individuals.
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