NEW DELHI: A 59-year-old Indian-American motel manager was killed in Oklahoma this weekend after he was punched by a stranger in the motel parking lot.
The incident was reported at nearly 10 on Saturday, when the cops were called to the parking lot near interstate 40 and Meridian Avenue.
According to media reports, Hemant Mistry, who hailed from Gujarat, was punched by the accused named Richard Lewis after the latter was asked to leave the property.

According to the police, Mistry lost consciousness after being struck by a punch, according to police statements to local news outlets. He was brought to a hospital where he died at approximately 7:40 pm on June 23.
Authorities later nabbed Lewis at a hotel situated in the 1900 block of S Meridian Avenue.
According to reports, he was held on a $100,000 bond at the Oklahoma County jail on an aggravated assault and battery complaint on June 24.
Oklahoma City police informed the press that the reason behind the suspect being asked to vacate the premises remained uncertain, but he was reluctant to exit.