The killer and victim were in a relationship for two years. Photo courtesy: Free Press Journal

In a tragic and shocking incident in Vasai, Maharashtra, a young woman was brutally killed with a spanner by her boyfriend in the middle of a busy road on Tuesday morning. The ghastly CCTV footage showed the 29-year-old assailant repeatedly striking the victim on her head and chest. In between attacking the girl mercilessly, the accused also yells at her and is said to have said, “kyun kiya aisa mere saath?” (Why did you do this to me?).

The killer and victim were in a relationship for two years. Photo courtesy: Free Press Journal

The motive behind the fatal assault was reportedly a recent breakup after a two-year relationship. The CCTV footage showed the man strike the wrench on the girl’s head which knocked her down. He continued his assault and struck the girl on the head multiple times.

Shockingly, only one man was seen trying to come to the rescue of the girl who lay on the road due to the impact of the blow on her head. The assailant first ignored the man who tried to intervene, before threatening him with the wrench. By this time, a considerable crowd gathered near the spot, however, no one dared to confront or stop the attacker, who attacked the girl ruthlessly.

Incident has sent shockwaves

The killing in Gauraipada has shocked one and all as the attacker sat beside the victim’s bloodied body and kept mumbling something.

After learning about the incident, a team from Waliv Police Station rushed to the spot and took the man into custody. The woman’s body was shifted to a nearby hospital.

The alleged killer was identified as Rohit Yadav, 29, and the deceased was Aarti Jadhav, 22, according to the police. As per a preliminary probe, the couple, residing in adjoining Nalasopara town, was in a relationship for over two years, but Rohit suddenly suspected her of having an affair elsewhere too.

This resulted in repeated quarrel between them, and Rohit nursed a grudge against her. On Tuesday morning, when she left her home to reach her workplace at a private company in Vasai, Rohit accosted her at Gauraipada and demanded an explanation for her behaviour lately.

Victim died on the spot

According to reports, the girl was found in a pool of blood, and it is suspected that she died on the spot.

The gruesome crime has once again turned the spotlight on the safety of women and the fearlessness in those willing to take a human life after disputes in relationships.

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