Representational image. Photo courtesy: Unsplash

In a shocking incident of murder-suicide, a 33-year-old Indian-origin man fatally shot his younger brother, injured his mother before turning the gun on himself in New York, officials said on Wednesday, June 12.

Representational image. Photo courtesy: Unsplash

Police said that the incident took place in the Richmond Hill neighbourhood of New York on Saturday night (local time). As per reports, approximately 26 percent of the population there either belongs to India or is from the Caribbean.

The accused was identified as Karamjit Multani (33), while the victim, his brother, was identified as Vipanpal (27). The injured mother (52) has not yet to be identified. She survived the attack.

According to law enforcement officials, Karamjit Multani shot himself after shooting his brother dead.

As per reports, the shooter was ridiculed for starting an unsuccessful grocery store in Indiana. Jealously is likely to be a reason for the fatal shooting, as Vipanpal ran a successful deli in Valley Stream, New York. Both the brothers received money from their father, a prominent deli owner, to open their businesses, but had contrasting results.

“Due to COVID, the grocery store fails miserably. He goes bankrupt and is forced to move back home. A lot of tension between him and the brother over snide comments about how he’s a failure and his father giving him a hard time about the store not being successful,” NYPD Chief of Detectives Joseph Kenny said at a press briefing Tuesday, June 11.

Reports also said that Karamjit was told by his father to get out of the family house along with his wife and their three kids. Following a fight on the fateful night, an armed Karamjit went to his brother’s room and shot him multiple times, police said. The mother was injured as she tried to protect the young son. She was shot twice.

Karamjit then left the family home, removed his turban and shot himself dead.