Indonesia lists XRP as a tradable asset: Tradecurve showing bullish momentum



XRP has made it onto Indonesia`s extensive list of 501 tradable cryptocurrencies, bringing the country into the spotlight and signaling a further step towards mass adoption. Tradecurve sustains the momentum in stage 4 of the presale and gains another 20&#37. Find what you need to know.


Indonesia`s step towards mass adoption
With a significant step towards the implementation of cryptocurrencies, Indonesia has now included XRP in its recently released regulatory document, which lists 501 different digital assets allowed for trading.

The Indonesian government`s list of tradable cryptocurrencies also includes BTC, ETH, and ADA, among others. Interestingly enough, many of these coins are considered securities by the SEC.

Indonesia`s efforts in embracing Ripple`s XRP signify a positive step toward a crypto-friendly environment. The country`s potential future acceptance of XRP as a payment method could further encourage the situation and accelerate the integration of digital assets into the Indonesian economy.

It remains to be seen how the population and the markets will adapt to the situation, and whether it will help the economy as hoped.

Tradecurve`s decentralized potential
Tradecurve is taking the market by storm in its 4th stage of the presale and has already seen an 80&#37 increase from the initial price. Tradecurve distinguishes itself by offering a hybrid exchange model that combines the benefits of decentralized and centralized exchanges.

This approach has garnered attention from traders seeking an exchange with high liquidity and fast order execution while retaining self-custodial control through the nature of DeFi. The robust trading infrastructure and advanced features are key contributors to the bullish sentiment surrounding TCRV.

At, traders can access stocks, forex, commodities, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, and more from just one account. Traders can find leveraged instruments starting at 500:1 with no KYC checks, and a focus on user privacy. Copy trading and AI trading bots are just a few of the features and tools that this sophisticated hybrid exchange offers.

Onboarding is easy with just an email address and connecting a crypto wallet to the trading account. A cryptocurrency of choice is used as collateral, and TCRV, the native token, powers the features in the ever-growing ecosystem.

Tradecurve token holders benefit from passive income through staking, governance voting rights, access to VIP status, and more. The Tradecurve metaverse learning academy will offer a vast selection of courses and guest lectures for everyone.

Currently, TCRV is available for just $0.018 in stage 4 of the presale and will see another 40&#37 jump when it reaches stage 5. Experts estimate a 5000&#37 increase for the presale period alone and a possible 100x increase after listing on major exchanges, based on Tradecurve`s low market cap of just $27M and a total token supply of 1.8B. Tradecurve plans to onboard 100k users during its first three months of operation and raise $20M during its presale.

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