Infosys, India’s second-largest IT company, has introduced a new transfer policy to bolster its presence in Hubballi, a tier-2 city in the Mumbai-Karnataka region. The company sent an email to its employees, stating that the location has immense growth potential and “is waiting for a talent like you to build the future”.
According to an ET report, the email also encouraged employees to “grow glocal” and consider pursuing their careers at the Hubballi development centre.
Sources familiar with the matter said that, Infosys aims to encourage employees from the Mumbai-Karnataka region to explore opportunities in their home region through this policy. The move is also expected to help the company optimize the utilization of its modern facility in Hubballi and reduce costs. Moreover, the policy offers an added benefit by allowing employees to continue working on their current projects from the Hubballi development centre.
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Infosys incentive package details

  • The transfer policy is applicable to employees at band 2 and above who are handling projects (delivery) from any development centre in India. The incentive package varies based on the employee’s level within the company, the financial daily reported.
  • Employees at band 3 and below will receive Rs 25,000 at the time of relocation and an additional Rs 25,000 every six months for two years, totaling Rs 1.25 lakh at the end of 24 months. Higher-level employees will receive larger incentives, ranging from Rs 2.5 lakh to Rs 8 lakh, including the initial relocation allowance, at the end of the 24-month period.

Band At time of transfer At end of 24 months
Seven Rs 1.5 lakh Rs 8 lakh
Six Rs 1 lakh Rs 6 lakh
Five Rs 1 lakh Rs 5 lakh
Four Rs 50,000 Rs 2.5 lakh
Three & Below Rs 25,000 Rs 1.25 lakh

Source: Infosys mail to employees

Karnataka’s industries and infrastructure minister MB Patil praised Infosys’ incentive policy, which aims to encourage local talent from the Kittur Karnataka region to seek job opportunities closer to their homes.
In a post on social media platform X, Patil said, “This move encourages local talent from the Kittur Karnataka region to explore opportunities closer to home, fostering community ties and local development.”
Patil further commended Infosys for its dedication to building advanced campuses and employing a large number of engineers worldwide, highlighting the company’s leadership and positive influence on regional economies. He emphasized that the initiative not only contributes to local growth but also demonstrates Infosys’ commitment to innovation and employee well-being within the technology sector.
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“Infosys’ commitment to state-of-the-art campuses and employing thousands of engineers globally exemplifies its leadership and positive impact on regional economies. This initiative not only supports local growth but also showcases Infosys’ dedication to innovation and employee welfare in the tech industry,” Patil added.
The announcement comes after a heated discussion in the Karnataka assembly in February regarding the company’s Hubballi campus, which had not yet begun operations.
Arvind Bellad, a BJP MLA representing the Hubli-Dharwad West constituency, raised concerns that despite Infosys acquiring 58 acres of land in his constituency with promises of a world-class campus and employment opportunities, the vast area was being used for plantation purposes.
Bellad expressed his support for Infosys’ incentive policy, stating that it would contribute to the development of the region, generate both direct and indirect employment opportunities, and enable many employees to reunite with their families.
In its annual report released in April 2023, Infosys had announced its plans to establish offices in various Indian cities, including Hubballi, Indore, Navi Mumbai, Nagpur, and Coimbatore, as part of its strategic initiatives for the year.

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