Anthony Youn, a popular plastic surgeon, has addressed a major problem with rhinoplasty, also known as ‘nose jobs,’ on the Pursuit of Wellness podcast. It is a plastic surgery that alters the nose’s shape and size to achieve facial harmony. Noses that are crooked, bulbous, or upturned—deviating from the conventional nose shape, are often perceived as ‘ugly.’ In the quest to achieve the perfect beauty, these unique nose types are altered to fit societal standards. However, instead of feeling beautiful and happy, satisfaction is rarely ever achieved.

Nose jobs are leaving people more frenzied than fulfilled. (Pixabay )

When the host asked Youn about people going for multiple revision surgeries after getting a nose job, Youn said that it was indeed true. “Nose jobs have the highest revision rate. And that’s one reason why I don’t like them. And so, the problem with nose jobs is that whenever you do a nose job surgery, anytime you cut on the body, you create scar tissue. Studies have shown that from a normal speaking distance, if you have literally one millimeter of scar tissue or 1 millimeter of asymmetry on the nose, it can be visualized from a normal speaking distance.”

He added, “And so, the problem with that then is some of this is out of your control as a surgeon. So, you can get somebody who has some scar tissue that develops and looks like their bump is still back, or comes back a little bit. And now, they’re unhappy, and they want another operation. The problem is you bring them back to surgery. You’re going to create more scar tissue. And you don’t have control over that scar tissue and it can become kind of this like spiraling that can happen with people who undergo too many nose jobs.”

A few people also commented on the same and shared their own similar experiences. “So true I had 2 nose jobs one normal and one revision and my nose stil isn’t perfect I’m thinking about a third one but after listening to this video I don’t think ill don’t think ill do it,” wrote a person. Others were glad to be born with a cute nose. “Most people who get plastic surgery always go back for more and cant stop. So yeah glad I have a cute nose.”