International Yoga Day 2024: Autoimmune disorders refer to the condition where the immune system starts attacking the body’s cells and tissues, mistaking them for foreign invaders. Conditions such as Rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus, Multiple sclerosis, and Type 1 Diabetes are just a few examples of the many autoimmune diseases. In an interview with IT Lifestyle, Himalayan Siddhaa Akshar, Founder of Akshar Yoga Kendraa, Author and Columnist said, “This inappropriate immune response leads to chronic inflammation and damage to various organs and systems. The prevalence of autoimmune disorders has been on the rise, affecting millions of people worldwide. Notably, these disorders tend to affect women more frequently than men, adding a significant burden to their health and well-being.”

Padahastasana, also known as Hand-to-Foot Pose, helps in relieving stress and improveing blood flow.(Grand Master Akshar)

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Explaining the rising trend of autoimmune disorders, Himalayan Siddhaa Akshar further added, “Over the past few decades, the incidence of autoimmune disorders has steadily increased, becoming a significant public health concern. Several factors contribute to this rising trend, including genetic predisposition, environmental triggers, and lifestyle changes.”

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Mind-body practices:

Siddha Walk:

This practice involves walking in an infinite pattern for about ten minutes. It helps in improving peripheral blood circulation, and strengthening the lower limbs, back and pelvis muscles.

Healing walk:

This practice involves walking with hands raised – it regulates neck and back muscles, improves body communication, integrates the nervous system, and increases circulation.

Water exercises:

Water-based exercises provide gentle resistance and support, reducing the impact on joints and muscles while promoting circulation and reducing inflammation.

Yoga asanas:

Sukhasana (Easy Pose):

This simple seated pose helps in promoting relaxation and mindfulness, further reducing stress and inflammation.

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Hastauthanasana (Raised Arms Pose):

This pose stretches and energises the body, improving circulation and reducing tension.

Padahastasana (Hand-to-Foot Pose):

This forward bend can help relieve stress and improve blood flow. However, it should be avoided if blood pressure remains high.


Hakini Mudra:

This mudra enhances concentration and promotes mental clarity, helping to manage stress and support overall health.

Vajrasana with Sahaj Shankh Mudra:

Sitting in Vajrasana while holding Sahaj Shankh Mudra helps balance circulation, stimulate blood supply, and channel energy, promoting overall health and well-being.