iPhones to get ChatGPT with iOS18 update- Here’s how it will work and what you will be able to do

Apple World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) finally kicked off with several major software announcements. The keynote was majorly focused on upcoming operating systems for iPhones, Macs, Vision Pro, iPads, and other Apple products. However, the highlight of the keynote was “Apple Intelligence” and the anticipated ChatGPT integration across several Apple devices. The companies finally announced their partnership with OpenAI with a motive to enhance Apple experiences in terms of bringing AI. Know more about their partnership and how ChatGPT will be integrated. 

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Apple to integrate ChatGPT

After months of speculation and rumours, Apple has finally announced OpenAI’s ChatGPT integrations across Apple experiences such as iOS 18, iPadOS, and MacOS Sequoia. With the partnership, Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI said, “We’re excited to partner with Apple to bring ChatGPT to their users in a new way. Apple shares our commitment to safety and innovation, and this partnership aligns with OpenAI’s mission to make advanced AI accessible to everyone. Together with Apple, we’re making it easier for people to benefit from what AI can offer.”

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Majorly Apple’s operating system will be powered by OpenAI’s new flagship AI model, GPT-4o. However, the model will simply work as an extension of Apple Intelligence. According to OpenAI’s blog post, ChatGPT is customised for “image and document understanding.” Apple also links Siri with ChatGPT for extended on-device support and to conduct complex tasks. Without visiting the app or web page, users can simply command Siri to prompt ChatGPT by sending text,  documents and photos and it will later provide the response generated by the OpenAI’s chatbot, making interaction hassle-free. OpenAI said, “Siri can tap into ChatGPT’s intelligence when helpful.”

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ChatGPT will be also integrated with  Apple’s systemwide content generation tools which include writing or image tools. Users can easily generate writing content by taking the help of ChatGPT, or simply generate a wide range of images. However, the integration has also been made by maintaining user privacy as the requests will not be stored in OpenAI and their IP addresses are also protected. However, if an iOS user connects their ChatGPT account, then the information processing will be handled under OpenAI’s policies. 

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