It's citizens right to ask questions: Kamal Haasan says risk in making films that question govt

‘Artistes are citizens of the country who have every right to hold the authorities accountable’, said veteran star Kamal Haasan, acknowledging the ‘risk’ involved in making films that question the government.
The actor made this statement at the trailer launch of his upcoming film ‘Indian 2: Zero Tolerance’ where he reprises the role of Senapathy, a freedom fighter-turned-vigilante who battles corruption in India.
The movie is a sequel to Kamal’s hit 1996 film ‘Indian’, which featured him in a dual role. Shankar is returning to direct the second part in the franchise.

Asked whether it’s tough to make films that question the government today, the actor said this problem has persisted since the British era.
‘People were making films even then. We will continue to make those kinds of films, it doesn’t matter who is at the top of the establishment. That’s not just the filmmaker, that’s the citizen’s right to ask those questions.
‘We, as artistes, represent so many of you people. Thanks to the applause, we believe that we are your representatives, hence we talk boldly, without thinking of the guillotine. Yes, there is a risk, the government can get angry, but your applause puts out that fire, so make it louder’, Kamal told reporters here.

The 69-year-old said not only politicians, but citizens are also to be blamed for the corruption plaguing the country.
‘We are all responsible for the corruption and we must all change our mind. And the best time to change our mind is during elections. These are just reminders of how corrupt we have become… Nothing has changed thanks to corruption. Everything will change thanks to the collective conscience’, he added.
The actor-filmmaker said while he is a fan of Mahatma Gandhi, he doesn’t subscribe to the ideology of tolerance. Kamal also directed and starred in the 2000 film ‘Hey Ram’, which was set against the assassination of Gandhi.

‘I am a great fan of Gandhi ji. They say he taught you tolerance, ‘What do you think about tolerance?’ I say I am not a great fan of that tolerance business. Gandhi ji is my hero but who do you tolerate, not a friend.
‘I want friendship to grow in the world. What you tolerate is a headache. Anything that’s a headache for society, you must have zero tolerance for. Find a medicine, put it out’, he said.
Also starring Kajal Aggarwal, Siddharth, and Rakul Preet Singh in key roles, ‘Hindustani 2’ will hit the screens on July 12.  
(With PTI inputs)