Shah Rukh Khan has graced Chennai numerous times, whether it`s for glamorous award ceremonies, notable events, or film shoots. However, a recent visit stands out from the rest. On August 30, SRK made a special trip to Tamil Nadu, not just as a guest, but for the promotion of his much-awaited film, `Jawan`. The pre-release promotional event, hosted at the Sai Ram Engineering College, quickly turned into a significant talking point, with social media platforms buzzing with discussions, videos, and snapshots from that day.

One clip that has truly captured the hearts of millions across the nation is a genuine and heartwarming gesture by SRK. In the said video, director Atlee, brought his mother onto the stage. Upon introduction, Shah Rukh Khan, immediately bowed down in respect with folded hands to Atlee`s mother. This humble act of reverence is now going viral, endearing the star to fans even more.

While the event was on a tight schedule, with frequent reminders about SRK`s impending flight back to Mumbai, the King of Bollywood maintained his characteristic poise and charm. As he addressed the gathering, there wasn`t a hint of haste in his demeanor. He warmly greeted everyone in Hindi, expressing his gratitude. Subsequently, the entire “Jawan” team joined the stage, culminating in a memorable photo session.

The Jawan pre-release event was a massive success, bearing witness to several special moments. Sri Sairam Engineering College’s auditorium in West Tambaram, Chennai, chosen for its vast seating capacity, was teeming with fervent fans, all hoping for a special moment with the superstar. Shah Rukh Khan`s decision to shoot a large chunk of the film in Chennai, for nearly 150 days of the shooting schedule had provided financial relief to 3,000 families, revealed Jawan`s art director T. Muthuraj. He lauded SRK`s choice to come to Chennai rather than creating sets in Mumbai.

Sunil Grover not only recreated Shah Rukh Khan`s memorable dialogue from Om Shanti Om but also shared a touching story about transitioning from being an SRK fan to a co-star. An unforgettable moment was when Shah Rukh Khan grooved to “Zinda Banda” with composer Anirudh Ravichander, driving fans into wild cheers.

Another heartwarming instance was when Kamal Haasan, who had previously worked with SRK in the 2000 film `Hey Ram`, made a surprise video call to extend his wishes to the entire team of Jawan. Haasan lauded Shah Rukh Khan saying, “The way you`ve conducted your career of 30 years with panache and dignity in the face of the worst outrages is commendable.”

Jawan will release in theatres on September 7, 2023.