Poonam Soni`s ability to only handcraft jewels in single design pieces to create one-of-a-kind jewellery has now led her to unveil the first series of her most precious collection `Treasures of India 1`. 

Soni, who has been making designer jewels has remained loyal to hand craftsmanship and created a unique bespoke jewelry brand, in its own niche space.

Armed with age-old craftsmanship and bespoke designs, the new collection of luxury wearables and accessories draw inspiration from the 14th-century craftsmanship of claws, twisted wires, floral diamond setting and muted cabochon stones in flats of pheroza bricks and coral rounds.

Through the new collection, Soni brings back the nine shades of ‘Navratan’ in a muted combination to showcase a unique collection of singular pieces of intricately crafted fine jewels, that carry accents of different styles from history, yet behold the underlying ethos of ‘Vintage’. A one-of-its-kind collection, Soni brings tradition to new design in her inimitable , flamboyant style .

Kriti Soni, one of the creative directors at Poonam Soni Signature Line (PSSL), has styled intricate stylish pieces with hoops and tassels, and mindfully placed invaluable pendants in old wire and claw settings, for this all-new collection that celebrates vintage precious jewellery and designs.

Poonam Soni, founder, PSSL, shared, “This collection represents a harmonious fusion of tradition and modern-day innovation, offering a timeless elegance that surpasses the boundaries of time. It is a celebration of heritage and craftsmanship, specially styled to fascinate the connoisseurs of fine jewellery.”

The all-new collection’s key highlight is its colour palate that is muted, yet vibrant. The palate includes ageless shades including fluorite green, muted turquoise, vibrant coral, and pale Basra pearl. Notably, the collection has singular signature designs commissioned to the design house by some of its loyal clients.

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