Jiya Shankar takes dig at trolls who claim she paid to defame Manisha Rani

    Jiya Shankar, who roared her way up to the Top 6 in Bigg Boss OTT Season 2 never fails to take everyone by surprise through her wit and sarcasm. And Jiya’s this befitting reply to the trolls is a proof of the same. 

    In one of the unprecedented series of events was the incidents where some of the trolls on Twitter started spreading fake rumours about Jiya Shankar paying media to allegedly create a false narrative against Manisha Rani. The trolls went to the extent of breaching Jiya’s privacy by making fake screenshots with her name which included the fake chats. 

    After which Jiya Shankar took it to her Instagram stories to give the trolls a taste of their own medicine through a video. In the video that Jiya shared on her Instagram stories, she sarcastically said, “Guys, seriously I mean, Manisha fans or this ‘Abhisha’ fans rather, I just want to say like what is going on? Like, Tum log ke favorites hain, kisi aur ke koi aur favorites hain. You don’t have to do all these things ki tum log aise sab daal rahe ho yaar cheeze ki maine Viral Bhayani ko chaar lakh de diye taaki Manisha ko defame kare. Chaar lakh nahi bhai ek crore diye the. Kya bakwas hai yeh? Aise galat galat news tum log faila rahe ho? Dhang se cheezein pehle find out karo na. Ek crore ka tum logo ne chaar lakh kar diya? Itna mehnat issi liye toh kar rahi thi main. Kya yaar meri PR kuch kaam ki nahi hai. (Just like you have your favorites, someone else has their own favorites. You don’t have to do things like accusing me of paying Rs 4 lakh to Viral Bhayani to defame Manisha. Not Rs. 4 lakh, I had paid one crore. What is this nonsense? Why are you spreading fake news? You should do your research correctly. I didn’t work so hard for this. Seems like my PR is not working well enough).”

    Jiya Shankar was eliminated mid-week in the week before the finale. Manisha Rani became the second runner-up. The final voting took place between Abhishek Malhan and Elvish Yadav. Elvish then emerged as the winner, lifting the shiny trophy and taking home a prize sum of Rs 25 lakh. He became the first wild-card entrant to win the reality show. 


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