After Thursday’s CNN debate, President Joe Biden was in North Carolina and then New York attending campaign events where he appeared much better than the CNN event. Former Trump aide Anthony Scaramucci claimed Biden read from a teleprompter at the fundraised in East Hampton and did quite well in that. But that is not enough to prove to Americans that he is up for another four years.
On X, Scaramucci shared his hedge-funder pal Whitney Tilson’s advice for the Biden-Harris campaign that Biden should now appear in unscripted settings and handle fair but tough questions as practice. Biden could hold an hour-long press conference at the White House and continue holding them every week until election; he could do an interview with 60 Minutes this week, to be aired next Sunday; he could meet the editorial board of the New York Times so that they can see that they were wrong to call for his resignation; and do another appearance on a late-night show — were the suggestions.

As the two versions of Biden gained ground, White House aides said the President functions smoothly between 10-4 daylight window and becomes prone to gaffes after 4 pm.
New York Times which also called Biden to opt out of the contest noted the stark differences between the two Bidens. Joe Biden Two, with the help of a teleprompter, is enthusiastic and forceful, clear and concise on his position on abortion, immigration, taxes and race. “Joe Biden Two was clear about Mr. Trump’s threat to democracy. Joe Biden One left viewers scratching their heads about the topic that the president has long said motivated his run in 2020,” NYT observed.
This is not the first time that Biden read from teleprompter. A few months ago, Biden read out ‘pause’ instruction meant for him from the teleprompter,