2PM’s Taecyeon is setting his sights on the world of BL dramas! The South Korean heartthrob is teaming up with Japanese actor Hayato Isomura for a new Netflix series titled Soul Mate. The project has already ignited excitement online, with production well underway. While a release date remains under wraps (potentially 2025), fans can’t wait to see Taecyeon’s undeniable charm take centre stage in this highly anticipated series.

K-pop star Taecyeon takes lead role in Netflix Japanese drama with Alice In Borderland’s Hayato Isomura(Pic credit- Vincenzo (Netflix), Imdb)

2PM Taecyeon to star in upcoming Netflix romance drama

Move over, soulful vocals and charming acting, the Vincenzo star is debuting in the world of romance and fans can’t keep calm. On June 28, Taecyeon’s company officially confirmed his role in the upcoming Korean-Japanese Netflix series and wrote, “Ok Taecyeon is set to appear in Netflix’s Japanese series ‘Soul Mate,’ which is currently in the midst of production with the goal of a release sometime next year.”

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The agency further added, “Ok Taecyeon will be playing the role of Korean boxer Hwang Johan,” where he will be “greeting fans not only in Japan but all over the world.”

OK Taecyeon and Hayato Isomura team up as Soul Mate

Penned and helmed by Japanese director Hashizume Shunki, the drama follows the story of two men falling in love over a span of 10 years. The 2PM member will play Johan, a boxer, while Hayato Isomura is set to portray Ryu, a man who has abandoned his life in Japan. Their lives intersect when Johan rescues Ryu in a foreign church, an unexpected meeting that changes their destiny forever. The young gentlemen gradually discover the meaning of life and love. Set in Seoul, Berlin, and Tokyo, this Japanese Netflix drama explores their journey as they heal each other slowly.

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“I’m extremely delighted to be appearing in ‘Soul Mate. Because there were so many types of characters and genres that I hadn’t tried yet,” Taecyeon remarked. Addressing why he chose to star in this show, the K-pop star-turned-actor said, “While reading the script, I was intrigued by the character of Hwang Johan, and even after I’d finished the script, Johan’s inner pain and struggles stayed with me for a long time, which is why I chose the project as per Korean news media outlet Osen.

“On the other hand, Hayato Isomura, the famous Japanese actor known for his roles in movies such as Hoshi Furu Yoru ni and Alice in Borderland, has already stirred excitement on the internet with his upcoming role. Describing the show as a live-action series, Netflix said, ‘Destiny works in mysterious ways, and a chance encounter may just mark the beginning of a love story.”

As per Hayato Isomura, “Working with Ok Taec-yeon has been inspiring; his charm draws me in more each day. Filming in Japan, Korea, and Germany gives the project a truly global feel.”