Kajal Aggarwal who is currently gearing for the release of her film `Satyabhama` where she plays a fierce cop feels that makers down South need to expand their horizon. She spoke about the difference in the roles offered to married actors in Bollywood and in South cinema. In an interaction with Galatta Plus, Kajal was asked why female actors in South don`t get the kind of roles that Deepika Padukone and Alia Bhatt get in Hindi cinema, as romantic leads or in action films. 

Kajal who has substantial roles in upcoming films `Indian 2` and `Satyabhama` admits that she got offered the role even before she got married and became a mother. However, she denied that it was a ‘cultural thing’ for married actors in the south to get sidelined.

“We still have a little bit of stereotype attached, I am hoping we get rid of it soon. It’s this generation of actors who are married and work after having children. I don’t think it’s a cultural thing, I think the audience is accepting of films like that (Tumhari Sulu) if the makers start providing them. It’s the makers who need to start exploring more genres,” she said.

“If we are offered, we would take meatier roles, maybe even the pivotal roles in films. Things are changing. Like Nayanthara, for example, I love how she conducts her filmography. I love her choices. She is an exception and gets these parts on her terms and conditions. So that’s great. But I am happy to be working at this juncture of my life in the industry today because I’ve got kindness and compassion from my directors.”

Kajal revaled that she shot for `Indian 2` soon after giving birth and it was difficult for her husband Gautam to initially understand her schedule. “I had my commitments before I got married–in COVID–which I honoured and travelled a lot for it. It was difficult for my husband to understand that initially because he has never seen what our industry is about. I finished the films that I had to do, got pregnant, and right after I delivered my child, I did Indian 2, which has possibly been the hardest role of my life,” she said. 

“It was physically demanding, I had to be strong to do that. I was horse riding! That was still a ‘strong’ role, which I had signed four years ago. I am glad Shankar sir waited me for and asked me to come in his last schedule. Yet, it was so hard for me,” she added.

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