In 2019, Karan Oberoi went to jail in a #MeToo case. The actor witnessed a dark phase after a woman accused him of rape and extortion. Karan, who has been quiet about the period, finally opened up and shared that he didn`t even know if he would survive another day. The actor stated that he almost died because of asphyxiation.

Karan Oberoi, in an interview with Siddharth Kannan, stated, “It was a dark phase in my life. It was like visiting Paatal Lok (hell) for me. Like, how did I land here? There were people around me who had murdered so many people. There, too, there were some hardened criminals who were protecting me. When you dont know if you are going to survive tomorrow because you can possibly die in these conditions… I didn`t eat anything for the first seven days. For the first nine days, I didn`t sleep. I was getting delirious. In that delirious state, I was starting to feel like I might not be able to finish this journey.”

He also shared, “I almost died because of asphyxiation in an episode. I don`t want to discuss it, but I thought this is the end. I could see my life flash in front of my eyes. I have claustrophobia, and they put me in a place… kaal kothri mein daal dia tha and I thought this is the end of my life.”

About the case

A female accused Karan of raping her in January 2017 and February 2018. The woman claimed in her report that Karan had promised to marry her but didn`t. A month later, Karan got bail from the Bombay High Court.

During Karan`s jail term, the lady filed a second FIR for assault. She claimed that she was asked to take her complaint back. Later, police arrested her on the grounds of criminal conspiracy and filing false information in an FIR. In 2023, the Bombay High Court fined the lady 20,000 rupees after her lawyer failed to fulfill the required legal formalities for the case.

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