In a shocking accusation, without mentioning any names, Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister DK Shivakumar on May 30 claimed that political opponents were using Kerala tantriks to perform black magic against him and Chief Minister Siddaramaiah in an attempt to destabilise the Congress government in the state. 

Speaking to reporters at his Sadashivanagar residence, Shivakumar claimed, “Kerala tantriks are being used to carry out ‘Shatru Bairavi Yaaga’ against us. We have strong faith that God and people’s blessings will protect us,” ANI quoted him.

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Shivakumar asserted that he had credible information about these black magic rituals being conducted in an isolated location near the Raja Rajeshwari temple in Kerala. He believes these rituals are aimed at undermining the government in Karnataka.

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“They are using tantriks to carry out ‘Raja Kantaka’ and ‘Marana Mohana Stambhana’ yaagas. The people who were privy to the black magic rituals have given us all the information,” he added.

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He elaborated that the rituals involve Aghoris, who perform these ceremonies with sacrifices of 21 red goats, three buffaloes, 21 black sheep, and five pigs as part of the black magic practices.

“These yaagas are being conducted through Aghoris, and we have information that pancha bali—21 red goats, three buffaloes, 21 black sheep, and five pigs—are being sacrificed for the black magic,” he added.

Despite these alleged attempts, Shivakumar expressed confidence in his protection, stating, “Let them do black magic; it is their belief. The force that we believe in will protect us. I always pray to God before leaving home.”

When asked whether BJP or JD(S) leaders were orchestrating the black magic rituals, Shivakumar insisted that politicians from Karnataka are responsible. “We know who is getting it done. Politically active people are targeted frequently. I know who is conducting this ritual. Let them continue their efforts; I don’t bother,” he remarked, as quoted by ANI.

Shivakumar emphasised that, despite the attempts to destabilise the government, he remains unfazed and committed to his duties, bolstered by his faith and the people’s support.

This development has sparked widespread attention, with many waiting to see how the situation unfolds and whether any concrete evidence will emerge to support these serious claims. 

The allegations of black magic being used as a political weapon underscore the intense rivalry and high-stakes nature of the current political landscape in Karnataka.

(With Inputs from ANI)

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Published: 31 May 2024, 02:54 PM IST

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