Kevin Jonas undergoes surgery to remove skin cancer

Singer-songwriter Kevin Jonas has been diagnosed with skin cancer. The singer revealed on social media that he recently underwent surgery to remove a cancerous growth. He shared a video clip of himself at a medical facility before and after the procedure, captioned: “Friendly reminder to get your moles checked,” according to People magazine.
In the video, Jonas is seen lying down and recording a selfie. “So today I am getting a basal cell carcinoma removed from my head,” he says while positioning the camera to show the location of the skin abnormality. “Yes, that is an actual little skin cancer guys that started to grow, and now I have to get surgery to remove it,” he added.

According to Mayo Clinic, “Basal cell carcinoma is a type of skin cancer” that “begins in the basal cells — a type of cell within the skin that produces new skin cells as old ones die.” The medical organisation added that it “often appears as a slightly transparent bump on the skin, though it can take other forms.” “So here we go,” the ‘Camp Rock’ alum said before the video switched to a clip of him after the basal cell carcinoma was removed.

As per People, Jonas showed himself lifting the gauze that covered his fresh scar, but he made sure to block out the graphic image with an emoji. “Alright, I’m all done,” he continued, this time sitting in a vehicle with his seatbelt on. “Now it’s time to heal, heading home.” Before ending his video, the ‘Burnin’ Up’ hitmaker left his fans with a final request. “Make sure to get those moles checked, people”. The Jonas Brothers are currently on a break from touring. Their last date was April 30 in Cancun, Mexico.

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