The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, in collaboration with The Design Village, launched their latest exhibition, ‘From Waste to Wonder’. The exhibition focused on circularity in art, innovation, and design, aims to inspire and challenge our understanding of sustainability.
Present at the event were Snijders, Dhoya, Counsellor for Innovation, Sourabh Gupta, Founder of The Design Village, Amit Gupta, Founder of STIR World, Muskan Sainik, Founder of Golden Feathers, and Daniel Franklin, a leading Fashion Consultant.These leaders joined forces with aspiring designers to present a journey through sustainability and creative reinvention. Students from The Design Village reimagined Dutch souvenirs, infusing them with modern, sustainable perspectives. They crafted collectibles, memorabilia, and Polaroids that celebrated cultural elements like windmills, cheese, tulips, and cows. Each product, from resin tulip paperweights to rebranded tote bags, was meticulously designed to honor Dutch heritage while embracing innovative techniques.
Ambassador Marisa Gerards welcomed guests and emphasised the need to reevaluate our social and environmental footprints, demonstrating the Embassy’s commitment to environmental stewardship. She stated, “Regenerative ecosystems pave the way for a sustained tomorrow,” highlighting the need for collective efforts to reduce environmental impact.
Attendees explored exhibits showcasing the potential of upcycling and innovative design. Each piece told a story of transformation, turning waste materials into objects of wonder. The collection encouraged viewers to appreciate the creativity and ingenuity behind each item and to reflect on sustainability and responsible consumption.
The event also celebrated the cultural and environmental partnership between the Netherlands and India. The Embassy’s venue, adorned with vibrant hues of orange and deep blue, symbolised the growing relationship between the two nations. The exhibition served as a platform for dialogue, learning, and inspiration, encouraging attendees to promote sustainability. The Design Village has long championed social accountability and sustainable living, maintaining strong links with Dutch universities, especially TU Delft and KABK Den Haag, through student and faculty exchange programs.