In Kiran Rao’s latest directorial, ‘Laapataa Ladies‘, all the actors starring in it have seen a significant boost in their careers, with Nitanshi Goel gaining notable fame. It was surprising for many to learn that their Phool Kumari is only 16 years old. In a recent interview, the actress revealed how her parents made considerable sacrifices to enable her pursuit of acting.
During a recent conversation with Ranveer Allahbadia, the actress was questioned about whether, despite her stardom, she still engages in typical teenage activities like having a crush.Nitanshi promptly replied, emphasising that the love and support of her parents mean more to her than anything else. She went on to share the significant sacrifices her parents made to enable her to pursuit acting.
Nitanshi believes that there is no love as selfless as that of one’s parents. She openly admits that her parents sacrificed their own lives to ensure hers was fulfilled. She detailed, “I just wanted to act and be on TV, and with just that little thought, my father left his business in Noida and he’s here doing a job. My mom left her government job and she’s here for me. All of this was just because I wanted to be an actor.”
‘Laapataa Ladies’, which debuted on Netflix a month ago, continues to run successfully in theaters, surpassing 100 days. The consistent occupancy rate has persuaded theater owners to keep it on screens. This slice-of-life film features Ravi Kishan, Pratibha Ranta, Sparsh Shrivastava, and Chhaya Kadam in prominent roles.

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