Prime Minister Narendra Modi got emotional while replying to the Motion of Thanks on the President’s Address in the Rajya Sabha during the ongoing Parliament session on Wednesday and said, “Mai desh ka sevak hun” (I am a servant of the nation), and noted that “We focus on development and not on vote-bank politics”.

Here are the top ten updates from the PM Modi’s Motion of Thanks:

1. PM Modi said, “The next five years are to ensure saturation of basic facilities and for the fight against poverty. This country will emerge victorious against poverty in the next five years, and I am saying this based on the experience of the past 10 years. When India will become the third largest economy in the world, its impact will be on every sphere of life. “Mai desh ka sevak hun” (I am a servant of the nation), and noted that “We focus on development and not on vote-bank politics”.

2. Opposition MPs raise slogans of ‘LoP ko bolne do’ as PM Narendra Modi speaks in Rajya Sabha on Motion of Thanks to President’s Address and alleged that the LoP was not allowed to speak. As they walk out, PM Modi says, “The country is watching that those who spread lies do not have the strength to hear the truth. Those who do not have the courage to face truth, do not have courage to listen to the answers to questions that were raised in these discussions. They are insulting the Upper House, the glorious tradition of the Upper House.”

3. PM Modi added, “We feel proud of the wisdom and intelligence of the people of this country in these elections. They defeated propaganda. They prioritised performance. They rejected the politics of deceit and put the stamp of victory on the politics of trust.” He further added, “This opportunity given to us for the third time by the people of the country is to realise ‘Viksit Bharat’ and ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’.”

4. Taking a jibe at the opposition, PM Modi said, “I would like to extend hearty gratitude to a few colleagues in Congress. Ever since the results came, I was taking note of a colleague – who was not supported by his party but he held his party’s flag all alone. For what he said, unke muh mein ghee shakkar. Why am I saying this? He repeatedly said “1/3rd government”. What can be a bigger truth than this? We have completed 10 years now and there is 20 more to go. So, we have completed 1/3rd, 2/3rd remains. So, ‘unke muh mein ghee shakkar’ for his prophecy.”

5. PM Modi further took a jibe at the Congress and said, “During Congress’s tenure, there was a scheme for 60,000 crore farmers’ loan waiver, but names of the needy small farmers were not even included in the list of beneficiaries.” He further noted, “Opposition is not able to digest mandate given by 140 cr people to NDA.”

PM Modi noted that in the history of independent India & parliamentary journey, “It has happened after many decades that the public has given the mandate to a government for the third consecutive time. After 60 years, it has happened that the government has returned after being in power for 10 years. I realise this is not an ordinary thing. Some people deliberately tried to black out this decision given by the public.”

6. PM said that in the last two and a half days, around 70 MPs participated in this discussion. “I express gratitude to all of you MPs for enriching this discussion on the President’s Address,” he added.

7. “It acts like a lighthouse for governments, he said, adding that Constitution Day will disseminate the spirit of the Constitution in the country. The verdict is to make India the world’s third-largest economy from the current fifth. he said.

8. He took potshots at the Congress for its statement that the country was bound to grow irrespective of who was in power. Those who ran the government on the auto-pilot mode can only make such statements, he said.

9. Highlighting women’s empowerment, PM Modi said, “Benefits of women empowerment are visible across all sectors. One crore women in self-help groups have become ‘lakhpati didis’, number will increase to 3 crores in coming years. India has taken decisive steps towards women-led development, and today, we are its results. We have also worked in the areas of women’s health, sanitation and wellness,” he added.

10. PM Modi deplores the selective approach of opposition towards atrocities against women. He targets the opposition for not talking about the public flogging of a woman in West Bengal and the Sandeshkhali incidents.

(With inputs from agencies)

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