Major Ravi defends Nimisha Sajayan against online trolls post Suresh Gopi's election win

Actor Nimisha Sajayan became the target of cyber trolls for a remark she made earlier during a protest rally against the Citizenship Amendment Act. Now, veteran filmmaker and actor Major Ravi has condemned the attack on the young actress in cyberspace. He noted that such cyberbullying and harassment cannot be accepted. Moreover, he thinks that Nimisha may have made the remark just for cheers at that moment and did not intend it as a personal attack against her senior colleague Suresh Gopi.

Earlier, Suresh Gopi’s son Gokul Suresh expressed that he was saddened both by what Nimisha had said and by the cyber attacks against her now. Meanwhile, Major Ravi emphasized that Suresh Gopi is pure at heart and does not hold any personal grudge against anyone. The veteran actor condemned the cyber attack on Nimisha Sajayan in a Facebook live video.

“What is happening on social media is extremely saddening. I came across many comments that may cause distress to Nimisha Sajayan. She is not a politician but an artist, so I do not know whether she has the mental strength to face such cyberbullying. She just made a remark about something Suresh had said at an event. It shouldn’t be taken seriously. The trolls and attacks against her are extremely disturbing. Suresh’s son Gokul reacted maturely to the issue. He said that he was saddened by what she had said then; neither is he happy about the cyberattacks against her now. Suresh Gopi has raised Gokul very well. Don’t you have anything else to do other than going after a woman and attacking her for such things? Can’t you all just stop? I don’t think Nimisha intended to personally attack a senior colleague. She may have made that remark just for the cheers. Attacking her for something she said long ago is unacceptable. Suresh is a dear friend; I am close to his family too. Not just her, but other people too have said many things about Suresh. If you are trolling her thinking that Suresh would enjoy this, then you are wrong. He is a pure soul; do not think he would approve such things. The cyber-attacks should stop now!” Major Ravi said in the video.

Nimisha Sajayan has been a victim of vitriolic cyber attacks after Suresh Gopi registered a historic win at Thrissur in the recent Lok Sabha elections. Some people on social media ferreted out an old comment she made at a protest rally against the Citizenship Amendment Act four years ago. Referring to Suresh Gopi’s popular catchphrase, the actor had said, “We didn’t give Thrissur to them when they asked. And now they are asking us to give India. We won’t give.”

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