Promising reviews: “I wanted to wait to write a review on this product with time and experience, so here it goes. I purchased this in February 2023, and it’s been a year, and well worth the money! When you’re traveling, the stress of carrying more things with kids may make you second guess even going, but not this. I can always just jump into an Uber/Lyft or any ride-sharing service with the knowledge that my toddler will be safe with this car strap and the drivers can’t deny us service. It’s happened before. It’s lightweight, I can always wear it like a backpack or stuff it into a backpack to carry around. My kid loves it and it’s easy peasy to use! If your kid is around 2.5 or 3-years-old and you’re always on the go or want to travel with ease, I say this is a sound investment! I’ve traveled and used this a ton of times within this last year, and it’s still amazing to this day.” —OurWae

“We bought this for our 3.5-year-old son for our trip to Vietnam and Cambodia. We knew car seats would be hard to find and would be traveling so much and in so many different vehicles that bringing one from home just wasn’t practical. I thought I was paying for peace of mind and that it would never really be needed, but yesterday, we were in a head-on collision with a motorbike. The crash was enough to set off the car’s airbags, but my son, in his ride vest, slept through the whole thing and stayed safe on his seat. I am so thankful that he is fine and that he didn’t see the crash and aftermath. which would have been very traumatic for him, and I am so so thankful I bought the ride safer vest!” —Vstew17

Price: $169+ (available in sizes XS–XL and in three colors)

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