The installation definitely reflects the multi-sensory experience that football is. So who are some of your favourite artists and designers who have influenced and inspired you?
I’ve got so many. Gosh, couldn’t see Fernard Leger, Joan Mitchell, Wladimir Burliuk, Matisse, and Kandinsky. They’re all so different. But I feel like when you put them all together, you kind of see my inspiration and can get that referencing.

An artist is constantly creating – how do you stay motivated?
I always say the best way is just by moving – whether that’s physically or metaphorically, I often go running or swimming, or I do weight training or anything to keep my body moving. Because especially being in the art world, it can be incredibly competitive. So mentally, being able to stay on top that way is really, really helpful. But also, metaphorically;  constantly trying to move my work forward. Whether that’s through exploring different mediums and practising new techniques and styles, but moving forward.

That’s a really good tip. Has collaborating with Expedia Live and the UEFA Champions League influenced your perspective on arts and sports in general?With the team that I’ve worked with, I’ve realised that, especially in football, there’s a real standard that needs to be kept there. I feel like I really, really pushed myself in this project in every aspect of it. There was a standard for me to uphold, and it made me work hard, but in the best way. And the team cared and wanted the best outcome of this. They wanted it to become a really special piece, and they allowed me to be creative and get my vision across, which I really appreciated.

Can you tell us about any other projects you have coming up?
There are quite a few things, but I don’t know if I’m allowed to say them! But there’s lot coming up this year, and quite a bit in sport, as well as food. So yeah, quite exciting!

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