Meet Sinoj, a makeup artist who is now Union Minister Suresh Gopi's staff member

Sinoj, who works as a makeup artist in Malayalam cinema, is now thrilled to take up his new role as a Union Minister’s staff member. The Kodungallur native has been actor-turned-politician Suresh Gopi’s aide and makeup man for eighteen years.

“I am probably the happiest person as Chettan got sworn in as a Union Minister. I have been with him for the last eighteen years, and I will continue doing that. I was his staff member when he became a Rajya Sabha MP. I received a salary as an MP’s staff for almost a year. I began as Sureshettan’s makeup assistant. It was quite unexpectedly that I became his personal makeup man. I was shivering when I applied makeup on him for the first time. Sureshettan too knew that I was scared. After the first movie with him, he asked me whether I wished to continue in the next film too. I have been with him since then,” says Sinoj.

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